Hello everyone!

Welcome to My Dog AcadeMia! Here we are going to talk about dog training in a way most people don’t.

People looove obedience training (and obedience is, in fact, essential), but they tend to forget the behavior… how your dog feels, why and how your actions end up getting you a pup that never seems to want to do as you say.

Sound familiar?


My name is Marina and I currently work as a Dog Trainer for the RSPCA WA, in Perth, which means I train over 100 pups every week and I get to hear a lot of what people think about and do to their dogs… after a while things just start making sense and you know exactly what is going to work and how, and what will not.

Luckily, I haven’t been a dog trainer for long enough that I don’t remember anymore how it was like not to be a dog trainer!

I clearly recall all the awful mistakes I made with my previous dogs and, when I see people making the same ones, I really want to help them do better.

And now I am adopting an adult dog called MIA  (get it??) that has some issues herself, so I am finally going to be able to test and prove all the techniques I teach my students, so I wanted to share it with the world.



Most of my dogs were rescued. In Brazil (where I come from) there are millions and millions of stray dogs on the streets.

Tons of non-profits do their best to sterilize those animals and try to find them loving homes, but there are just too many, and the pounds are always flooded.

Here in Australia, the problem is different: there are no dogs on the streets, people pay obscene amounts of money for their beautiful puppies and, yet, pounds are flooded.

Mostly because people are not prepared to tackle common dog behavior issues, they end up giving their dogs away when things get rough.

It truly breaks my heart and I want to live in a world where animals don’t get tossed like old socks! So I have made it my mission to try to educate people as much as I can.

Not only on how to train their dogs, but on deciding whether they should have one in the first place, which one, and how to prepare to receive their new four legged baby into the family.


I am building this website to talk to people about REAL, ACHIEVABLE dog training.

Not the types you see you YouTube “how to fix your dog’s aggression in 15 seconds.”, but the kind people can actually relate to.

This is going to be a safe space for you to share your frustrations as well, cause dog training can be hard and exhausting sometimes but, hopefully… hopefully, together, we can make a better world for dogs.

I hope this all sound good to you and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Maria Braga says:

    I have been following Marina training Mia since she arrived from a rescue. I can notice a big improvement from the dog every time when I meet the girls(Marina and Mia). Marina is always teaching a different thing to Mia, it’s wonderful watching them playing around . As a dog trainer Marina has the proper knowledge to handle to the dogs but besides that she has passion and dedication. It makes total difference.

  2. Thalita and Fernando says:

    Thank you Marina to teach advanced skills to my puppy 🐶 .


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