If you have a strong chewer, chances are you are in need of a strong chew toy.

I never came across or heard of a Kong until I had my first dog.

After so many toys destroyed in a day and the lack of interest in just one toy, I presented my dog with a Kong. And both of us are now obsessed!

But what is a Kong?

Kong is a brand of chewing toys, created by Joe Markham, which is on the market for over 40 years! He had a dog that used to chew on everything that was in front of him. I think most of us can relate to that (lol)!
Until the day his dog found a piece of a Volkswagen bus suspension, made of rubber, and wouldn’t stop chewing on that! And that is how the Kong Classic was invented.

The classic strong chew toy!

As the years went by, he was feeling what his dog needed and created something new every time. Something a little more challenging like a rope, or something for his dog teeth, like dental toys, or even the grooming brushes. Anything you could imagine, he was making out of rubber.

This toys were making huge success as dog owners could see how stuffing a Kong could help manage the amount of food their dog were eating, and having fun at the same time!

stuffed kong

What is so different about this Kong anyways?

Well, like I said before, it’s mainly a chewing toy which you can stuff with food. Basic, right?
But when you look into it, and you notice your dog changing their behaviour for the better, because of a toy, it’s every dog parent dream!

A stuffed kong will keep your dog occupied, relieving it’s stress or boredom, for hours if you will! That’s why I always keep them frozen and give to my dog when I leave the house. It’s a new level of challenge for my pup and it’s a great way of entertaining her, so she doesn’t notice I’m gone!

It’s also a great way of helping with your crate training. So your dog will be more comfortable inside a crate, when chewing a yummy Kong inside it. But we will talk more about that in another post!

And if you don’t want to stuff it, you just use it as a toy! Since it’s made of rubber, and because of its shape, it will bounce when you throw for your dog to catch, providing them with more entertainment.

So many features and that is just in one Kong! They have so many different types nowadays, that is SO hard to choose only one.
And it’s so very carefully thought, that you can have Kongs attached to each other, to make this a puzzle. And it’s so amusing to see how your dog deals with whichever types of puzzles you can create for them with the range Kong Genius.

All sizes and different types

A Kong toy can come in different sizes and colours. When you look for a Kong, there’s a huge variety that you’ll find. For example, the Classic Kong, is divided in dogs age and size categories. They change the rubber durability to adjust to your dog chewing habits, protecting their teeth and gums. The sizes vary from XS to XXL. So be careful when choosing, or your dog may lose interest if it’s too small or too big for them.

Check out this ☝ table to make sure you choose the right one for your dog.

That can also apply for the plush toys. Depending on your dog chewing habit and how destructive it can be, make sure you’re giving them the right toy to play with.

You don’t want to give your German Shepherd or your Mastiff a small Kong or a small toy that will be destroyed in seconds. Neither give your Yorkie or Corgie a big and extreme one, otherwise they can actually get hurt from it. wubba kong

Mia, for example, is a medium dog. But she is quite the chewer that one. We gave her a Wubba. Two, actually, cause we simply can’t call her back if she has one in her mouth (lol). Those on the photo. Cute right? It’s enough so she can have her fun with it, and do not turn it into pieces! This one is actually her favorite! Whenever we take her to the park with it, she won’t even care about the other dogs.

A Wubba is a comfort toy. Soft, covered in fabric, and you have the option of having it with a squeaker inside. There are sooo many different ones. They have monkeys, giraffes, fish, zebras… Even some that float to play in the water! You can have lots of fun choosing one!


Choose from a big range variety and fair prices!

You can always go for the classics as well. They have tennis balls, that I’m gonna tell you..it lasts! Long! Not like the usual ones we are used to and get destroyed in a day.

All the colours in all the toys are great! They are always very vibrant and looks fun!

I’m going to be honest, looking into these ones, makes me want to buy them all. Or having more dogs so I can try different things! Hahaha
And that’s the fun part, you can have a different toy every time, and test it! See what your dog likes or dislikes. What they’re interested in. Kong allows you to do that, with it’s big range of variety.

And I think it’s a honest price you pay for something that will last long, and will keep your dog entertained because, with these toys, your dog won’t get bored! Plus all the other benefits that comes along.

If you’re worried about all the dog drool and rest of food inside a toy (gross😅) which, believe me, I was also unsure the first time I gave her one, don’t worry! They are so easy to clean! Mostly just leave in a hot water with soap for around 10 minutes and you can add them to the dishwasher if you like 🙂 So practical!

And guess what? They have cat stuff as well! So if you have a dog and a cat, and don’t want your cat jealous, give it a go. They deserve some Kong love as well.



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11 thoughts on “In need of Strong Chew Toys? Have you met the Kong?

  1. Nimrodngy says:

    Wow. These are amazing toys and thanks for sharing it with us. I have a labrador for about 1 year and I want to say that it was my best decision. This dog brings a lot of joy to the family. I have been looking for such a toy for a long time and I am very glad that I found this article of yours. When I look at KONG – Extreme Dog Toy I can say that I would like to have a toy for it too. The main advantage is for me the price, which is very low (about $ 12), considering that in the country I found bad toys at prices above $ 30. Thank a lot for this post and i wish you all the best! 

  2. Michel says:

    This is an excellent article and useful too, as I am so sick of buying chewy toys for the dog only to have them annihilated in one day. This may be just the solution that I have been looking for. I have now resorted to giving him old shoes to chew, but one does eventually run out of old shoes.

    And I see they have a size for every dog. I have a skinny medium-sized dog, but he does chew a lot and chews through everything. Which one would you say would be the best one for him and will it last?

  3. Feochadan says:

    My dog is large and a real chewer. I gave him a Kong but he didn’t seem to really have much interest in it. I’ve never tried stuffing it with food though so I plan on doing that now. I like the Wubbas that you give your dog. I wonder how they will stand up to my large dog who can destroy most anything. He loves rope toys because he loves to pull but they only last about a day or two. I wish I could find something for him to play tug-of-war with that won’t fall apart in no time at all. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Brandy says:


    Loved reading your article about Kong toys. It was fun, light hearted, and uplifting! 

    We have a couple for our German Shepherd (one round ball, and one regular model), and she loves them! Keeps her busy for a bit, so that she doesn’t constantly bring me her rubber ball to throw while I’m working (she is obsessed with playing fetch). Lol

    I had no idea that Kong had so many different types of toys! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!

    1. Larissa Marin says:

      Thank you, Brandy =)

      I love German Shepherds! Hope she can continue having lots of fun with them! 

  5. Shanta Rahman says:

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have a dog and this is a very good friend of mine .Chewing as a brand of games is at the top of my choice .This is basically a chewing toy that I can stuff with food .And I noticed it was able to change my dog’s behavior for the better .Chew toys have eliminated my dog’s boredom .This toy is a new addition to my dog’s entertainment .This is a great way to help with my crate training .My dog would be more comfortable inside the crate when chewing a mouthful of kang in it .I gave Wubba for my dog and Wubba is a comfortable toy .And these toys are so lively to look at because the colors are awesome .And these toys can be reused .

    Finally I hope through your article everyone will find Strong Chew Toys for their dogs and will definitely share their new experiences with you. And I think Strong Chew Toys really need a lot for dogs .

    1. Larissa Marin says:

      I’m glad you and your furry friends are enjoying it! 
      Kong really changes life!

  6. Fluffy Duck Studios says:

    Thank you Larissa for a great post. I’d never heard of a Kong until coming across your article. What a clever invention! The fact that you can also stuff it with food for even more hours of chewing ecstasy for your dog is brilliant. Of course now the only thing that can top a chew toy like this is one that flosses a dog’s teeth as it plays!

    1. Larissa Marin says:

      Hahaha! The person who invents that, will be make lots of money for sure! 
      I’m glad you could learn a bit about these toys =) 

  7. smjtuhin says:

    Hey Larissa Marin,
    Thanks for giving every detail available about the product to see. Yes, I need Strong Chew Toys. I was thinking I would buy. But I couldn’t understand which products would be better for me. After reading your article, I could able to select which product will be good for me. And I ordered. I believe that many people still don’t understand like me, Which products are best for them. So, to know them I will share your article on various social media. And I hope you will inform us about many more important products like this in the future so that We will benefit.

    1. Larissa Marin says:

      Hey there!

      I’m glad I could help a little! And thanks for sharing! 
      People should know about Kong =)


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