Welcome to MDCA!

It stands for My Dog Is Crazy Anonimous and it is a support group for owners of crazy dogs.

Crazy in the broad sense of the word.

Are you serious?


I feel like having a difficult dog is like being a new mum. You are tired, under slept, most of the times, you have no idea what you are doing and people give you evil eyes when your “child” misbehaves (right?).

Or if you have a rottie, they will give you evil eyes for that too.

I realized that, in order to help dogs, I really need to help people feel ok about not feeling ok about their dogs all the time.

There are going to be hard days, there are things you will simply need to learn to adapt to, as they can’t be changed, and that are times when you just need to be heard.

Maybe you need to scream, it’s ok! We are here for you.

Power In Numbers

So, I decided to create this sapce.

I want it to be a safe haven for owners of rescued, reactive, fearfull, over excited …. or, in general, all kinds of crazy dogs! to exchange tips, advices or even find a pet sitter for the night and get a break lol.

This is an absolutely free service… actually it is not a service, it is a group, a community so offering paid services is not allowed here, only free help.

My aim here is to help owners keep their dogs. I don’t like dogs boing returned or given up.

So what you can expect

You can expect to talk about your experiences with your dogs and not be judged.

I will read and reply to all of the comments and give you guys tips on how to cope with your what you are going through dog wise… and now I’ll start with my story.

Hi, My Name is Marina and I have a crazy dog.

I am a dog trainer and I came across Mia when I was hired for training her for nipping people.

Mia ended up getting returned for nipping a child and I was scared she was going to get put down, so I got in touch with the rescue.

She wasn’t put down, obviously, but, after her being returned ANOTHER two times they called me and asked whether I wanted to keep her.

I really wanted to help, and I really knew she was’t going to stand a chance with someone else, but I really wasn’t at a place in my life where I could adopt a dog. I was living in a tiny unit and I have more expenses than I can write about without crying haha.

Result: I broke my lease and moved to my boyfriend’s for a month, then to a new house and got her the following day.

Mia is and excitable strong dog, who can be reactive to people and to other dogs.

I had a whole training program in place for her, but life doesn’t go as you plan.

She was waking me up at 5.30am and I took extra work to be able to afford her, our walks were a nightmare and need to carry her crate everywhere I go…

So I resented her. I resented her and everything I had been through for her. I cried on the phone to my mum and said I regreted taking her in, that it had been a mistake.

That went on for a few week… until one day I came home from work and found Mia with a bone I hadn’t given her.

I was so freaked someone was going to try to hurt her that everything else started to change…

She is still crazy strong and reactive, but slowly getting better, what really changed was the fact that I realized I love her,  she will be a part of my life and I’ll keep and protect her no matter how insane she drives me at times.

What’s your story?

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