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If you are far away, we still offer behaviour consultation via skype 🙂

Animal behaviour problems often make owners feel lost and frustrated, and are the primary reason for abandonment world wide.

On the bright side, these problems can be very easily prevented or treated, and just the knowledge and application of the correct training methods can actually save lives! Yours and your dogs!

So, whether your dog is acting up, barking too much, chewing on your furniture or can´t seem to go to the toilet in the right spot. Or perhaps you are thinking of getting a new puppy or even an adult dog, and want them to start off on the right paw and never give you these problems at all – West Coast Walkies can help.

Keep in mind that training is for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages!

Behaviour Consultation 

Giving you the tools you need to train your dog.

$120/ 1 session.

Obedience training

Teaching your dog basic and essential commands.

$70/ 1 session (min 3 sessions) or $500/8 sessions.

Puppy training

Helping you prepare your new puppy for life.

$70/ 1 session (min. 3 sessions) or $500/8 sessions.

Walk Training

Teaching your dog how to walk nicely on the lead.

$45/1 hour.

Travel costs may apply to suburbs located over 20 kilometres from the Scarborough area.



We tailor our service to suit you!

My dog has an specific issue that needs to be addressed and corrected, in order improve our relationship and our life together…

If your dog requires training to address particular behavourial traits, we offer one on one training with you and him or her, where we tailor the coaching specifically to their needs and specially we teach YOU what can be causing that behaviour and little adjustments that can make your life together easier and more enjoyable.

Dog training can be done in two different ways, depending on the nature of the problem and on how familiar you are with dog training.

  • Behaviour Consult
  • Obedience training


My dog does not have and specific issue to work on, but I would like for him or her to have better obedience and be more reliable off leash…

For such cases we offer walking with training, conducted only by me, in which your dog will still walk and have lots of fun, but while training not to pull on lead, to come back, to sit and wait to cross the road and other little tricks focused on making your walks more pleasant and safe.

  • Walking with training
  • Obedience Training

I just got a new puppy and want to make sure they will grow up to be a calm, obiedient and happy dog, with amazing toilet, park and people manners …

We can Help! Most of your puppy’s training will be done by you! But we are here to guide you through this important stage and make sure your puppy starts life on the right paw..

  • Puppy training




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  1. Lucas says:

    Marina was amazing with my pup! She`s great on puppy training!


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